Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

Does LOWsagna® use any artificial ingredients or sweeteners?

No. LOWsagna® uses small amounts of all-natural nong-GMO erythritol and no other artificial sweeteners, food taste enhancers, or flavors.

Does LOWsagna® use any preservatives?

No. LOWsagna® uses a deep-freeze methodology to preserve the portions for the sole purpose of not adding harmful preservatives.

Is LOWsagna® suitable for people with Insulin Resistance (IR)?

Yes, people with insulin resistance can enjoy LOWsagna® every day! However, please be cautious of all other foods consumed during the day since carbohydrates can add up very quickly, even though they all may be from natural sources!

Is LOWsagna suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, some options are suitable for vegetarians since they have no meat, just dairy products; just read the ingredient list.

Is LOWsagna suitable for vegans?

Some of our options are vegan, yes!

Is LOWsagna® suitable for people with diabetes?

Diabetes is a problem that affects people differently, and food is the same. LOWsagna® has only approximately 12g of net carbohydrates and no added sugar; generally, people with diabetes consume it without a problem. HOWEVER, every person is different, so please consume with caution all foods, not just LOWsagna®!

Is LOWsagna® low in carbohydrates?

Yes! One portion of LOWsagna® has approximately 12g of net carbs, which come from the naturally occurring sugars in the vegetables used, like celery, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, etc. 

Our customers with diabetes report an increase in their blood sugar after eating a whole portion of LOWsagna® of about 1 point. Please note that everybody reacts differently to different foods, and celery is also an allergen!

Always consume foods with caution when you have diabetes!

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.