LOWsagna® Vegan

Vegan options are not only for vegans! Vegan options give a new taste and choice, and are packed with vitamins and minerals! To enchance the satiety of every dish we add not only goor fats (olive oil and coconut oil) but also hemp and pumpkin seeds protein! Those two proteins together build the full 9 amino acids in meat! As an additional benefit, the protein from hemp and pumkin is very easily absorbed, and unlike other plant-based proteins like pea or rice proteins, these two do not leave quickly your system, so they guarantee for staing full for longer! And one more step: we added oat fiber as well, just to make sure you stay full longer and your insulin does not spike fast!

We do not use cheese substitutes, because they are very often full with not so good ingredients. We use tofu, which is fermented soy and suitable even for people with tyroid problems due to the fermentation process.

You have a vegan day now without feeling hungry! 


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