LOWsagna® Veggie

Eating too much meat is never good! So we have vegetarian options even for meat-lovers:

*Cheese and Tomatoes

*Cheese and Mushrooms

*Spinach and Wild Mushrooms


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LOWsagna® Original

The Original line contains meat. The very first LOWsagna® made was beef and mushrooms.The new choices are: *Chicken and Spinach *Creamy Chicken *Alfredo *Bolognese ALLERGENS: CELERY, DAIRY

LOWsagna® Spicy

Variaty is crucial to sticking to a plan! One cannot be content unless spicy food is on the menu! The Spicy line includes: *Chili con carne *Pepperoni *Buffalo wings ALLERGENS: CELERY, DAIRY

LOWsagna® Vegan

Vegan options are not only for vegans! Vegan options give a new taste and choice, and are packed with vitamins and minerals! To enchance the satiety of every dish we add not only goor fats (olive oil