For Restaurants

You don't need a dietician on the payroll! You can now offer low-carb dishes without knowing anything about a low-carb lifestyle!

LOWsagna® products are delivered frozen to your door, and you can either store them in your freezer and unthaw ever time or leave a bunch in the fridge to unthaw and serve even faster!

We recommend you serve the LOWsagna® with a colorful salad from fresh vegetables, about 50g per portion.

It may contain cabbage, lettuce, carrots, radishes, olive oil, vinegar, and salt.

There is no spoilage since the products are frozen; you can keep them frozen and serve on demand! 1-2-3, and you have an exceptional item on your menu! Low-carb diets are taken on with rapid speed! With LOWsagna® you will stay competitive and modern!

Please note to mark the allergens on your menu: DAIRY AND CELERY!


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Telephone: +359888829845 

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Contact and orders e-mail: Telephone: +359888829845