Our Mission

Our Mission

In a world of processed food full of preservatives and causing all kinds of health issues, we decided to show the world that there is a better way! A way to cook without sacrificing taste but eliminating harmful sugars! It's all in nature, and we just had to open our eyes and see it! We just needed to think outside of the box! Our motivation is strong because on our shoulders lie the health of our children! So coupled with vision, determination, and a massive dose of inspiration, we created LOWsagna®! 

With only 12g of net carbohydrates per portion of 300g, LOWsagna® not only tastes authentic and is also packed with minerals and vitamins! 

LOWsagna® is prepared by real chefs with real Italian tomatoes and natural herbs. Then it is fully cooked and immediately deep-frozen to prevent bacteria from forming. Freezing is the only way to preserve foods without harmful preservatives, but it has to be professionally deep-frozen and quickly! This step is necessary to create tiny, round ice crystals that don't tear the cell's skin. Home freezing is slow; during that process, the ice crystals become long and sharp and tear the food cells, which changes the taste.

The best way to enjoy LOWsagna® is to leave it in the fridge to unthaw overnight. It will last probably up to a week in the refrigerator, depending on how humid and strong your fridge is. You can heat it then in the oven at a medium temperature, or if you are in a hurry, even the microwave will do!

It is recommended that you consume only one portion a day, and it is best if you add a small salad on the side.


The LOWsagna® products are always gluten-free and sugar-free! Sugar only comes from the naturally occurring sugars in the tomatoes and vegetables in the products. 

Our product is all-natural and contains no preservatives or commercial "enhancers"!

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LOWsagna® Original

The Original line contains meat. The very first LOWsagna® made was beef and mushrooms.The new choices are: *Chicken and Spinach *Creamy Chicken *Alfredo *Bolognese ALLERGENS: CELERY, DAIRY

LOWsagna® Spicy

Variaty is crucial to sticking to a plan! One cannot be content unless spicy food is on the menu! The Spicy line includes: *Chili con carne *Pepperoni *Buffalo wings ALLERGENS: CELERY, DAIRY

LOWsagna® Veggie

Eating too much meat is never good! So we have vegetarian options even for meat-lovers: *Cheese and Tomatoes *Cheese and Mushrooms *Spinach and Wild Mushrooms ALLERGENS: CELERY, DAIRY

LOWsagna® Vegan

Vegan options are not only for vegans! Vegan options give a new taste and choice, and are packed with vitamins and minerals! To enchance the satiety of every dish we add not only goor fats (olive oil