About us

About us

LOWsagna® was created in a small restaurant in the capital of Sofia, Bulgaria, during the COVID lockdown. Desperate to find a substitute for the costly palm hearts sheets to make low-carb pasta dishes for her clients with metabolic problems, the owner experimented with almost every vegetable known to men. Expenses were high, and there was no compensation from the corrupt government, unlike in other European countries, so money was very tight! The owner had to sell her only home... With very little money left, she put her last resources towards creating a product that would help people stay on track with their low-carb lifestyle fighting more than just type 2 diabetes! She was passionate about the idea due to her health issues in the past that she resolved with a clean low, carb lifestyle.

Once the owner's 11-year-old son started requesting the meat LOWsagna® every day for dinner, she knew she had a winning dish! This owner was me. My name is Rossitza Kotzeva, and after losing my only home, I created lemonade with the lemons that life gave me! Now we can all enjoy a low-carb LOWsagna® and stop the progression of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other sugar-dependency-related health problems! Everything happens for a reason! Sometimes we need to be cornered into an impossible situation to make the impossible possible!

"Believe the unbelievable!"