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LOWsagna® Spicy Pepperoni (№7)

Ingredients: celeriac, mushrooms, Italian tomatoes, pepperoni salami, all-natural dry herbs and spices, non-GMO erythritol, olive oil, coconut oil, mineral water with silver "White Water", mozzarella

Price: 6,00 €
LOWsagna® VEGAN with leaks and asparagus (№11)

Fresh leaks, wild mushrooms, and asparagus make even the carnivores envious!! Net weight: 300g Net Carbs: 16g Calories 417kcals Protein 19g Fat 26g Ingredients: celeriac, fresh leaks, all-natural dr

LOWsagna® VEGAN with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes (№13)

Fresh spinach and sun-dried Italian tomatoes make this LOWsagna® taste incredibly delicious! Net weight: 300g Net Carbs: g Calories kcals Protein g Fat g Ingredients: celeriac, fresh spinach, al